Even though both materials almost feel like real skin and are more than great to touch, there is a huge difference between these two materials. It is a known fact that TPE is more popular because it costs less than silicone and it is easier for sex doll manufacturers to work with it.

post3aSilicone, on the other hand, lasts much longer and adds more to the overall experience because silicone sex dolls have more features. You can buy a heating system you can use to get the most realistic feel from your sex doll. Silicon also provides more flexibility which only adds up to your real feel. This will allow you to use these dolls in all imaginable sexual positions.

The biggest point of a sex doll is to simulate a real sexual intercourse with a preferable partner. Depending on your sexual orientation, you can get both female and male dolls, even the transgender ones. It can look like a man with female genitals or vice versa. Our goal is to please your senses and make all your dreams come true.

Sex Doll Customization

One of the best innovations in sex doll manufacturing is the product customization. This means that you can customize your doll however you want. You can choose the body size, height, breast size or just a certain body part. Every product comes with the special customization options and features. The purpose of this customization is to better answer your wishes and take care of your needs.

post3abThe best sex doll is the one that looks real the most. This is what we are trying to achieve with each customization. Also, there are multiple benefits from getting a sex doll. Sex is just one of those, among many others. Some people get sex dolls because they need company, others are into sex doll photography, a thing that has become really popular as of late. Modeling and fashion are also some of the reasons why people get sex dolls.

post3cAnother benefit from getting a sex doll is that they always listen to you. No matter how many problems you have, your doll will always be there for you. If you are out of a hard relationship and you are sick and tired of listening to the same old story, a super hot and sexy doll can help you to cope with the hardship.

With all these facts in mind, you’ll be able to make the best decision that will match your needs. If you decide to buy a sex doll, only good things will come your way, most certainly. You can satisfy your urges and fantasies, make all your dreams come true and reach a totally new level of satisfaction than ever before. Sex dolls are here to make sure that you get the best of both sex and life. It can be only about carnal urges and pleasures or, it can be much more, it’s up to you.