About Us


We have been founded by the head chef of the underworld pleasures Teresa J. Akers from Los Angeles, CA. Our main goal is the happiness and satisfaction of our buyers and clients. We deliver sex toys, aids and dolls to our clients in the most discrete way as we know how important discretion is, in this business. We offer only the highest quality dolls because we want only the best of the best for our buyers. Our dolls are so real that you will be able to almost feel the passion and lust on their faces. Enjoy our pleasurable products.

3 Satisfied Customers


I have been using your services for a couple of years and the latest sex doll I got from you was the best thing I ever did for myself absolutely.

Mister "X"

I have never used your products before and I truly regret it. Only one product in and already I am the biggest fan of it. Keep up the good work.

Mister "Y"

When I think about the possibilities with your sex dolls, I can just say that it is definitely worth buying and your money. it’s perfect if you don’t like condoms.

Mister "Z"