Month: July 2017

The difference between Silicone and TPE sex dolls

Even though both materials almost feel like real skin and are more than great to touch, there is a huge difference between these two materials. It is a known fact that TPE is more popular because it costs less than silicone and it is easier for sex doll manufacturers to work with it. Silicone, on the other hand, lasts much longer and adds more to the overall experience because silicone sex dolls have more features. You can buy a heating system you can use to get the most realistic feel from your sex doll. Silicon also provides more flexibility...

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Number one realistic sex dolls

There was a time when having a sex with a sex doll was something unimaginable. Well, times have changed and today, sex dolls are more mainstream than you think, without any doubts. There are entire stores dedicated to sex doll buyers, porn sites dealing with this porn niche, online shops with numerous and countless products. It has become an industry over the past ten years and today, it is possible to buy not only a sex doll that almost feels and looks like a real man or a woman but, certain erogenous parts of the body too. If you...

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Sex Dolls And How To Use Them

Many people find sex dolls to be unattractive and out of use. This is probably due to them not being up to date with the latest achievements of the sex dolls manufacturers. The sex dolls of today are so realistic that they are almost alive. Since there are more and more people who are into autoeroticism, inflatable sex dolls are way better than masturbation. They can give you more pleasure, they are the next best thing to having sex and you will be satisfied after using. The manufacturers have greatly improved the features and the way sex dolls are...

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